Guidance along

the value chain of Data


5 solutions to explore your data

The most appropriate answer for a data strategy depends on each business project.

DBi Data Business Intelligence supports each brand to make her way through the different media and marketing ecosystems, adcentric and site-centric.

1. Data Strategy

Understand our clients’ goals, audit existing data infrastructure, processes and governance.

2. Data Collection

(Re) Build a ‘data’ asset for our clients by implementing solutions for the collection and enrichment of media and marketing data.

3. Data Exploration

Explore the assets of our clients, including CRM data, using data science to better understand audiences and find new content or sources of growth.

4. Data Activation

Help our customers better target audiences in their media campaigns, improve user paths and conversion rates.

5. Impact and Insights

Propose reporting tools and data modelling to assess performance and risks to improve iteratively a data-driven strategy.

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Which direction to take in a data project?

Simplicity, perseverance and long-term vision are three keys to navigate the data ecosystem.
Before recommending a solution, DBi Data Business Intelligence experts audit your data, the governance and the technological infrastructure in place to carry out your marketing and business projects.


The maturity of a brand on data: key criteria

At DBi Data Business Intelligence, we have identified 5 levels of advancement in brand data usage: from a first level of data collection on a website to a brand’s ability to activate that data. on several levers in real time.

More info about our data maturity model from our consultants.


Choose the most suitable adtech and martech solution

We are one of the first certified Google Analytics (GA) partners for the EMEA region and received the very first Google Analytics Award of Excellence for the EMEA region in 2015. Today, we work with leading adtech and martech solution providers.

As each brand, each project has different constraints and issues, only you know them. However, DBi Data Business Intelligence teams can design and implement the most appropriate technological stack.


Your project with experienced and certified DBi Data Business Intelligence teams

Today, we have a team of leading data strategy consultants, analysts for data collection and ad campaign management, as well as experts in the activation and visualization of these data, certified and trained in the technologies we offer.

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