Optimize the complete customer journey

From advertising impact to final conversion (test-drive, RFQ and sale)

The Challenge

KIA Motor is a world leading automobile manufacturer with sales of over 3.3 million vehicles in 2015.

In a highly competitive market, KIA Motors was willing to optimize its customer journey, knowing that car buyers use multiple channels (including internet, car dealers) and a complex and long (4-6 month) purchase funnel.

So the idea was to increase sales using test drives and request for quotes (RFQs) and through a redesigned digital funnel optimization, that could be sustainable over time.

“We launched the Lead Generation project to make the most of the data available from ‘real’ people who showed an initial interest in our brand. This people information were reused to provide our customers with a unique online experience.”


Florian Fellner

Communication Manager, KIA Motors Spain

The Approach

So, we created a complete digital ecosystem based on a smarter use of data to lead the users through their own personalized customer journey. We had to build a unique and adaptable platform that fulfils the entire range of needs that the variety of clients for KIA may need along their multiple touchpoints with the brand. To do so, we orchestrated multiple expertises and technologies to enable KIA to adapt the content of its website in real time, according to the interests of the user and the point of purchase funnel where it is:

  • Data science: decide which content is more relevant for each user in order to “learn” and make decisions towards new visitors & recurrent ones;
  • UX optimization: allow the design of different landing page templates and the algorithm will personalize according to the criteria applied to each visit;
  • Call center tracking: select the best agents and optimize the lead management
  • SEM/AdWords optimization: do infomed bid based on customer data
  • Conversion optimization: increase conversion in test drive & application for commercial offers, using the user information gathered from the Google stack, Call Center and Dealers

  • Increase in Conversion rate from request to leads 50% 50%
  • Increase in Conversion rate from lead to sales 10% 10%

KIA increased the click-to-lead conversion ratio on their website by 100%.

Since the project launch, the implementation of the Lead Generation platform created additional requests, and most importantly, additional car sales for KIA Spain :

  • generated requests increased by: +186%
  • the conversion rate from click to request increased by: +103%

For more infos, please contact our team in Spain.