Helping Domino’s Pizza leverage the power of Google Analytics

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Industry Challenge

Domino’s is one of the most popular Pizza delivery chains and was founded in 1960 in the USA. Today Domino’s is operating worldwide.

Domino’s has constantly strived to innovate in the digital arena to adapt to customer trends. They sold their first pizza online in 1999. Their first iPhone app was launched in 2010, followed by Android and iPad apps in 2011 and the Windows app in 2012. Customers could even order pizzas from their Xbox in late 2014. Domino’s also invested in building strong e-Commerce and m-Commerce platforms.

“DBi Data Business Intelligence has developed our digital strategy, creating an integral solution that gives us the technical agility we need to advance our marketing strategies.” Head of Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Domino's Pizza

The Approach

DBi Data Business Intelligence had been working with Domino’s in the UK since the beginning of 2014 to provide technical consultancy to fully leverage the power of the Google marketing technology platform. Key milestones have been:

  1. Using Google Tag Manager (GTM) and the data layer to implement app and web tracking and put an end to siloed web analytics data that restricted the level of analysis Domino’s could carry out.
  2. Using BigQuery to merge GA Data with CRM customer classification. Domino’s has acquired an extensive database about their customers, including demographic information, order frequency and methods of orders. The challenge for Domino’s was to connect all that CRM information with their digital analytics data to give them a more holistic view of their customers.
  3. Generating powerful reports and dashboards to explore de-siloed data and uncover customer trends.
  • Savings in ad serving and operations cost 80% 80%
  • Immediate increase in monthly revenue 6% 6%
“The 2015 ‘Google Analytics Award of Excellence’ was awarded to DBi Data Business Intelligence for the work we are doing with Domino’s to leverages the power of Google Analytics Premium for Cross Device Measurement and Analytics. This was the first Award of Excellence given by Google. Ever.”

A control tower with GA Premium

The 4 main results of this project were:

  1. The new the data layer based on Google Tag manager and the merged analytics and CRM data through BigQuery resulted in a fully integrated measurement of all marketing, including e-commerce, activities across all devices. Domino’s was able to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing investment.
  2. Domino’s was also in the capacity to better understand user behaviours, using Google Analytics Premium. Domino’s could save 80% YOY on ad serving and operations cost through uncovered new insights about users behaviors that could help drive marketing efficiency. This could be achieved with improved data exploration and visualization.
  3. The analytics teams greatly improved in agility as GTM allowed them to create, QA-ed and publish tags within days instead of weeks.
  4. Domino’s could also leverage technology to immediately impact the bottom line: they implemented an on-site targeting tool very quickly through Google Tag Manager. It resulted in an immediate 6% increase in monthly revenue, which would have been lost for every month the project was delayed.